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Ringostat Smart Phone review
Ringostat Smart Phone review
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Ringostat Smart Phone is a PC application that will help increase the efficiency of your company's sales department employees. With its help, you can receive and make calls right on your PC, see information about the client and their behavior on the website.

Application Features:

  • For incoming calls in the Ringostat Smart Phone application, details of the user's behavior on the website pages will be displayed (history of transitions, from which page the call was made).

  • Real-time update of information about the user's behavior on the website.

  • The ability to transfer a call to another manager/colleague using the built-in Ringostat Dialer.

  • If there is a number without a link on the website, you can select the phone number, right-click on the selected number, and in the dialog menu, select "Call using Ringostat".

  • The ability to connect integration with available messengers and process requests from different messengers in a single Ringostat Smart Phone window.

  • The ability to send SMS messages.

  • Go to a deal or contact with a single click; if an existing client calls, you can access these CRM sections with a single click from the extension.


The appearance of the Ringostat Smart Phone application:

With the help of the application, you can see information about the calling client in online mode and their behavior on the website. It is displayed in the five main blocks of Ringostat Insider.

Ringostat Insider

1. "User Summary Information" block

  • Number of days since the first and last visit to the site.

  • Number of calls made by this client.

  • Number of pages viewed, sessions held.

  • Device, operating system and geolocation of the client during the last visit to the site.

  • UTM tags of the advertising campaign thanks to which the client made the current call.

2. "Top 5 Pages for the Period" Block

A list of the 5 pages with which the client has interacted the most recently, indicating:

  • Page title, under which there is a link to the page itself,

  • Number and duration of page views,

  • Time of the last page view by the client.

3. "All Sessions" Block

A list of the 5 pages with which the client has interacted the most recently, indicating:

  • Page title, under which there is a link to the page itself,

  • Number and duration of page views,

  • Time of the last page view by the client.

4. "Call Card" Block

This section is available with configured and enabled integration with Bitrix24, retailCRM, Pipedrive 2.0, amoCRM, Salesforce, ZohoCRM, Hubspot.

Call from an existing client (contact is in the CRM):

  • Display of contact data and your CRM data

  • Easy transition to the contact/deal for the calling client

  • Display of information if there is no contact in the CRM for the caller

"Call History" Section

Here you can view recent calls, their status, and the talk time with the client.

The section is divided into 2 parts:

  • My Calls: This tab records your calls that were made and received in the app

  • Missed: Missed calls in the project that have not been called back yet (note: after a successful conversation with the client after a missed call, the call will be automatically removed from missed calls)

When you click on the phone number, a menu will appear where you can copy the required number:

"Clients on the Site" Section

Through this section, you can call interested clients who are currently on the site and have called you before.

First, information is displayed about which page the visitor is currently viewing, their phone number, and the interaction time.

In the "Insider Information" section, you have the opportunity to view all information about the client described above, as well as call, send an SMS, or copy the phone number data. To do this, you need to click on the client icon:

"Messenger" Section

The application allows managers to communicate with your clients via the Telegram, Messenger, and Viber messengers, if your clients have contacted you through the widget on the site or the messenger itself.

When a client contacts you, you will be shown a notification about an incoming message, even if the messenger in the extension is closed and the browser is minimized.

This way you won't miss client inquiries and will be able to respond to them instantly.

The plugin displays how many messages are awaiting your response, so you can process inquiries in the order they are received.

The client's name that they entered will be displayed to you right away, and at any time you will be able to view the chat history for any of the open dialogs.

To start working with clients through messengers in the app, several conditions must be met:

After successfully setting up chat bots and integration in the Ringostat cabinet:

  1. The client on the site selects the desired messenger and writes a message in it.

  2. The message appears in the Ringostat application on the manager's computer.

  3. The manager can respond to the client through the same application window.

Next, in the message log, employees can view the history of all dialogs, and initiate a chat with the client again from a closed dialog.

"Contact Book" Section

This section consists of several tabs:

  1. Employees and Departments: Allows you to quickly search for a colleague by the employee's full name, internal number, or email address.

By default, the checkbox displays employees who are currently online. If you uncheck this box, you will see all employees. When making an outgoing call or during a call transfer, you can select the department or manager you want to call.

When you click on an employee's icon, their internal number, SIP account details, email, and full name will be shown.

2. Clients: Here you can view a list of your clients, information about them, and perform additional actions with contacts.

How to Work with the Contact Book

IMPORTANT: If you have a ready-made Ringostat integration with a CRM system set up - contacts from it will be automatically pulled into the contact book along with client names. However, you will not be able to create contacts in the Ringostat application. Everything described below works if you do not have CRM integration activated.

  1. Creating Contacts

A contact can be created:

  • During a call: click "Create Contact" on the call screen:

  • In the Call History section: click on any contact and in the menu that appears, select "Create new contact":

  • In an open dialog in the Messenger tab:

  • In the Ringostat application section Clients on the Site:

    2. Additional Actions with Contacts

    Certain actions can be performed with contacts:

    • Edit it: change the name, add a new number, messenger, etc.

    • Call the client

    • Send an SMS

    • View insider information - that is, what ad the client came from, what pages of your site they viewed most often, where they are located, etc.

    • View details - that is, all available information about the contact.

Working with Calls

1. Incoming Call

When an incoming call comes in, the "Ringostat Smart Phone" application window opens, showing information about the calling client and buttons to accept or reject the call:

2. Outgoing Call

To make an outgoing call, you need to go to the "Dial" section, enter the desired number and press the "Call" button or the "Enter" key.

A successful call will be made:

Additionally, you can make calls from any page where there is a phone number. To do this, select the phone number, right-click on the selected number, and in the dialog menu, select "Dial with Ringostat".

3. Call Transfer

  1. If you need to transfer a call to a phone number: click on the "transfer" button

    Then click on the keyboard icon in the upper right corner

In the window that appears, enter the phone number where you want to transfer the call and click the green call button.

And at the final stage, connect the two calls:

2. If you need to transfer a call to an internal SIP account number (employee's internal number)

a. Transfer a call with conversation

Before transferring the call, first connect with your colleague. The first caller will be put on hold, and you will have the opportunity to speak with the second party before completing the transfer. This method is used in most cases.

To do this, first click "New call":

Then select the employee to whom the call should be transferred and click "Call":

Then simply click on "Transfer" :

b. Blind method. Transfer call without conversation.

Click "Transfer Call":

Then select the employee to whom the call should be transferred and click "Transfer Call":

Working with SMS Messages

  1. To send SMS messages through the Ringostat Smart Phone application, you need to be a registered user of the TurboSMS service or have a number which can send SMS messages (Peoplefone Poland numbers only)

  2. Unfortunately, at the moment there is technical capability to receive reply SMS messages only at Peoplefone Poland numbers.

To send an SMS to a client:

  1. Enter the full phone number with the country code and click "SMS":

  2. In the next window, enter the message text for the client and click "Send":

  3. Done: your message has been successfully sent to the client.

If you close the dialog:

After an hour, it will be displayed in the Message Log:

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