Webhooks. Incoming call event.
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Incoming call event can send notifications at different moments, such as:

  • before call

  • after call

  • after call rating menu

  • when taking the call

  • on location forwarding

By transferring information about calls to the CRM system, you get an additional tool to control the sales department and boost work in the CRM system.

Sending events on Callback calls

Callback is considered an incoming call, so if you want to send such calls to your CRM system, you should choose the moment the call will be transferred at.

You can divide the calls into several types using the Insertion Type parameter:

  • dynamic

  • static

  • callback

Customized parameters submission

  1. Custom parameter submission

To submit a custom parameter, you should create a tracking entity and choose it from the parameters list. Please check more details on this in the Tracking entities article.

2. Static parameter submission.

You can also submit a static parameter. It is mostly used to identify the application from which the event is sent.

NB! You can pass a static parameter only by GET method in the url address of the processor.

In order to submit static parameters, you should go to Webhook configuration in Webhook 2.0 section and add those parameters in Destination field.

Here, two parameters, i.e. source and service, are submitted as an example.

NB! You can choose any method of sending the data, as the parameters and their value are specified in the URL to which the parameters are sent.

NB! The parameter name should be written in Latin without spaces, otherwise, the data will not be submitted correctly. If you need to submit a parameter name in Cyrillic and/or with spaces, you should provide it in curly brackets. For example: {{parameter name}}

Here, in this file, you can find all the parameters that can be sent by the Incoming call event.

Example of processed parameters in JSON format forwarded when taking the call

"date":"2018-08-13 11:11:11",
"pool_name":"Main pool",
"department":"Sales department"
"useragent":“Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.0.0; LND-L29 Build/HONORLND-L29; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/96.0.4664.45 Mobile Safari/537.36”
"project_id": "1000"

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