Webhooks. Outbound call event
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Sending notifications upon outgoing calls can automate managers' work in the CRM system and help control how they work with missing calls.

Examples of notifications that can be processed before an outgoing call

  • to get a contact card from the CRM system

  • to add call details to the contact card in the CRM system

  • to create an entity in CRM system (task/contact/lead/deal)

  • to assign the entity to the manager who is calling the client

  • to control managers' outgoing calls

  • to control how missed calls are processed

Here, in this file, you can find all the parameters that can be sent by the Outbound call event.

NB! The parameter name should be written in Latin without spaces, otherwise, the data will not be submitted correctly. If you need to submit a parameter name in Cyrillic and/or with spaces, you should provide it in curly brackets. For example: {{parameter name}}

Example of processed parameters in JSON format after the outgoing call

"caller":""Support PhonerLite" <supportringostat_example>",
"date":"2018-08-13 11:11:11",
"full_num":"+"Support PhonerLite" <supportringostat_example>",
"employee_fio":"Иван Иванов",
"department":"Отдел продаж",
"project_id": “0000”,

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