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Agency Panel
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Agency Panel

In this section, you will see all information regarding the accrual of partner commission from projects.

  1. The "Total Turnover for the Current Month" section displays the sum of all receipts for projects (payments for products, numbers, and balance top-ups for forwarding) for the current month (from the first to the last day).

  2. The "License Turnover for the Current Month" section displays only the total subscription fees of all connected projects. This is the amount on which the commission is accrued.

  3. The "Current Commission" section displays the commission accrued to the agency at the current moment from the beginning of the month. At the end of the month, all accrued commission will be transferred to the agency account balance and reset to zero.

Block with Personal Balance and Commission

The balance block is located at the top of the screen. This block displays:

  • Balance with agency commission

  • Personal balance (if there were top-ups)

  • Balance (OLD) - balance with agency commission, only for payments for projects on the old pricing model.

Transaction History

This section displays detailed information about receipts and deductions from the agency balance, divided by month.

You can "expand" the information for each month and see what amount was deducted or, conversely, what commission was accrued to you that month. For example, from this screenshot, you can see that in October, a commission of $95.01 was accrued to the agency balance, and $246.06 was withdrawn.

The funds accrual section can also be expanded to view information about which project the commission was accrued from that month. In the example, we see that the project was topped up by $66.15. The license amount was $64.78, and the agency commission from this top-up was $12.96.

Partner Balance

In this section, you can submit a request to withdraw the agency commission (for this, the commission balance must be at least $100), and you can also top up your personal balance to top up projects.


This section lists all the projects connected to your agency account, and in this section, you can also renew the required project.

Incomplete Payments

This block shows all payments for which invoices were generated in the agency account but were not completed.

You will have the opportunity to complete this operation or cancel it. If you cancel it, the funds will be returned to your balance. If you click "Complete Payment," a field will open for you to top up your balance with the missing amount.

Principle of Agency Commission

Accrual The "License Turnover" block shows a pie chart that indicates what percentage of commission will be set.

  • If the license reward is less than $200 - 10% commission

  • If the license reward is from $200 to $3000 - 15% commission

  • If the license reward is from $3000 to $6000 - 20% commission

  • If the license reward is from $6000 to $9000 - 25% commission

  • If the license reward is from $9000 - 30% commission

Paying for a Project from the Agency Account

In the account, find the "Projects" menu, expand the list of all projects by clicking on the arrows, and select the required project from the list. To the left of the project you need, click "Continue." You will automatically be redirected to the tariff payment page, where you can select the payment period and continue the project:

On the next step after proceeding to payment, select the "Partner Balance" option:

And top up the project from the partner balance. Also, if an invoice for payment has been previously generated but not paid for the project, you will see it in the "Incomplete Payments" menu. You can pay it in this section in the same way:

You can only pay the tariff from the partner balance in full. There is no option to partially pay the tariff from the partner balance and partially from a card. If there are insufficient funds in the partner balance to pay, you can top it up with the missing amount.

Topping Up the Agency Account Balance

If there are insufficient funds in the partner balance to pay the invoice, you can top up your personal balance:

To do this, go to the top-up section:

Enter the amount and proceed to payment:

Payment is possible by bank card or via the PayPal system.

The minimum top-up amount cannot be less than: $10/250 UAH

It is not possible to top up the balance with an amount less than this limit due to system restrictions.

After topping up, you can use the funds in your balance to pay for your projects.

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