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Access to the Agency Account
Access to the Agency Account
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Access to the Agency Account

In this guide, we will cover a few main questions that our partner may have:

  • Which projects do I have access to?

  • How to link a project to an account?

  • Where can I see the full list of assigned projects?

  • How can I grant access to another colleague/employee of my agency without sharing my personal access?

Access to Projects

To see the projects you have access to, you first need to log into your Ringostat Personal Account. Access to a project can be granted by the project owner or anyone with “Administrator” access rights. You can read more about granting access rights in this article.

Note that the list of projects may not include all projects linked to you, as you may not have access rights to some of them (the client created the project but did not grant you access rights).

Linking a Project to an Agent's Account

There are two possible ways to link a project to the agency account:

  1. You can create a project yourself and then grant your client access rights.

  2. A client can be linked to your account. If your client creates multiple projects, they will all be linked to your account. For this, you need to contact the partnership manager assigned to your agency or reach out to the support chat.

Projects Assigned to the Agent

To see all projects assigned to your account, you need to go to the “Account” section. You can read more about this section and its contents in this article. In it, you will find the “Projects” block, which contains key information about all projects assigned to the agency account, their registration email, tariff, status, and tariff plan expiration date.

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