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The monthly fee for the project is formed of three components:

  1. The license fee for the products

  2. Payment for numbers if you use numbers purchased from Ringostat

  3. Payment for communication services and SMS notifications.

Let's check how the tariff of the project is built:

  1. The payment for a tariff is charged daily. The system bills the products, phone numbers, and telephone communication from the project balance.

  2. There's post-charging for the products and phone numbers. That means that the system charges funds at midnight for the previous day.

  3. The system charges the payment for telephone connection and SMS alerts in real-time mode. You can see the sum of such charges in the next day's transaction history.


  4. The license fee for the products — is the price of the project's tariff per month. The tariff can include a list of various products. Let's check them:

The product's name

The cost of the product in Ukraine / other countries

Solutions the product provides

What's included in the product

Virtual PBX 2.0

from $ 39

Provides your office with a reliable cloud connection

  • Five workplaces included

  • Flexible settings of inbound and outbound communication

  • Forwarding schemes with two or more directions

  • Call queues

  • Voice menu (IVR)

  • Voice mail

  • Using API Callback

  • All Ringostat integrations

Call tracking

from $ 59

Defines ads that drive customers

  • Five places for substituted numbers included (phone numbers are not included in the cost)

  • Static, dynamic, and combined substitution

  • Automatic calculation of the needed amount of numbers for substitution

  • Reports by 30+ parameters

  • Forwarding scheme with one direction

  • All Ringostat integrations


from $ 39

Allows you to request a call from a website

  • 15 options of the callback design included

  • Customization of the widget shape and placement

  • A detailed report on calls via the callback

  • Automatic processing of any online forms on the website]

  • Forwarding scheme with one direction

  • All Ringostat integrations

Ringostat Smart Phone

from $ 39

Allows working with calls and messages, as well as see insights on your customers right in the browser

  • Three workplaces included

  • Working with calls in the browser (Ringostat virtual PBX is required)

  • Ringostat Insider included (Ringostat Call tracking and Virtual PBX are needed)

  • Ringostat Messenger included

  • All Ringostat integrations

End-to-end analytics

from $ 39

Displays the effectiveness of ads considering ROI

  • Up to 500 sessions per day included

  • Flexible settings of attribution models

  • The opportunity for manual import of costs from external systems

  • Time decay customization

  • All Ringostat integrations

5. You pay for the phone numbers if you ordered some from Ringostat. Otherwise, you pay only to the provider you ordered the numbers from.

You can check the prices for the numbers connected to your project in the "Funds" => "Refill balance" menu.

6. The payment for telephone connection and SMS alerts consists of:

  • charges for call forwarding (but forwarding to a SIP account, it's free);

  • paying for outbound calls;

  • costs for the calls made by the Callback widget;

  • SMS alerts for missed calls or system alerts.

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