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You can set up the products in the "Funds" => "Service management" menu. If you activate two or more products — you can get a discount on them. Let's see how it works:

  1. The minimal tariff for Call tracking is $59, and for Virtual PBX — $39. If you buy those two products together — the sum for both will be $69 ($44.5 for Call tracking and $24.5 for Virtual PBX) instead of $98 ($59 + $39).

  2. If you add Ringostat Smart Phone for 3 employees to the previous products for $39, the sum including discount will be $79 ($39.67 for Call tracking + $19.67 for virtual PBX + $19.67 for Ringostat Smart Phone) instead of $137 ($59 + $39 + $39).

Here are the products you can use:

  • Call tracking

  • Ringostat Smart Phone

  • Callback

  • Virtual PBX

  • End-to-end analytics

Once you set up the products you need, you can check their price, including the discount. To activate the list of the products you need — apply the settings.

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