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General Information for Partners
General Information for Partners
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We are always happy to collaborate and offer our partners:

  • a reward for every client they bring;

  • a personal manager who is always ready to assist with any questions;

  • great technical support;

  • access to useful marketing materials;

  • excellent quality service for your clients and many other advantages :)

  • and many other benefits :)

In this article, we will explore the main issues regarding the accrual and withdrawal of partner commissions.

Commission Accrual

The partner receives a commission for the subscription fee for each connected project in the system. The commission is accrued only for Ringostat services (subscription fee for the tariff). No bonuses are accrued for payment of numbers and communication services.

Conditions for Accrual of Partner Commission

The commission is accrued on the first of each month for payments made in the previous month. The percentage of the commission depends on the total amount of payments made for services.

The amount of the partner commission is accrued in the currency specified in the partner's personal account, regardless of the currency of the connected projects. The conversion is carried out through double conversion, depending on the currency and exchange rates at the time of payment by the client for the project.

As the number and turnover of projects increase, in addition to an increase in the percentage of material reward, you also receive additional benefits.

Already with a license reward of $200 per month, you gain access to such advantages as writing and guaranteed publication of a joint case study with Ringostat on the blog and popular online media, as well as recommendation to Ringostat clients.

And with a reward amount of $3000, you gain the opportunity to participate in Ringostat events and trainings, as well as organize joint events and information partnerships.

Detailed information about our partner program is available at the link.

Withdrawal and Use of Partner Accruals

There are two options available for using the funds received through the partner program:

  1. Using the funds for full or partial payment of any of your projects. You can use the commission to pay for any of the projects connected in the agency account, regardless of the amount. You can read about how to top up the project balance from the agency account, as well as how to top up your personal agency balance, in our article “Project Payments”.

  2. Withdrawal of Partner Accruals. Check with your Partnership Department manager or at [email protected] for available withdrawal methods.

Commission withdrawal is possible under two conditions:

  1. Review and confirm the terms of the partner offer.

  2. Have more than $100 on the agency balance.

If the amount is less, the partner will not have access to the button to request a withdrawal, and the funds can only be used within the service.

All possibilities of using the partner's personal account are described in detail in our article "Agency Account".

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