3. General settings
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Finally, you reached the third step of starting work on your project.

Once you configure your project in the Setup Guide, you can use the Ringostat service to track traffic channels that bring the caller to you.
Here are the first steps of the main configurations, which allow you set the project live.

Main settings

  1. Please check if this is correct, as you already put your domain.

  2. Enter the Google Analytics tracking ID you've set on your web page if you want to use the integration with this tool.

Call settings

  1. Enter the target call length (in seconds) and the sales cycle (in days). These values will help you get more clear statistics and identify your potential clients for raising the conversion.
    Target call length is the duration of the call, which was converted to a sale.

  2. The sales cycle is the number of days you spend converting the caller to the client from the first call.

    For example, to tell about call tracking and make a caller interested in this service, you need at least 2 minutes. So, we can enter 120 seconds for the target call length and one day for a sales cycle.

  3. Responsible employee search period (days) — set the period in days the system will check the responsible employee for the client's call. So the system will forward the call to the responsible employee during this period.

  4. To check and improve your call agents' service use the call recording tool. Check the "Call recording" box, and you'll be able to download and listen to the records in the call log.

  5. You can enable a warning about recording a conversation when creating a forwarding here so that the clients will be warned about the recording of the conversation.

  6. Set the last checkbox if you want to forward the repeated call from the client to the responsible employee.

Call tracking

To enable the Call tracking product in your project, activate the checkbox in this block.


To enable the Callback product in your project, activate the checkbox in this block.

Time settings

  1. Now, set your time zone. The work of a callback widget and the call routing schemes depends on these settings. These configurations will also influence the call time in the call log.

    For example, you are located in Miami, Florida. So, your time zone is UTC-05:00.

  2. Select the country for the project, so you will be able to make the call to this country by dialing the numbers in local format.

  3. As the Callback widget will be shown on the web page according to your working hours and days, select them in the "Working days" settings.

    3.1. Check "Close" in the box next to the required day for the weekends.
    3.2. It is available to set the working hours with the breaks. To set this, check the "There are two sets of working hours for the same day" box and select the time you need, including the breaks.

    For example, your schedule is from Mon to Fri from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. And you have a break from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. In this case, according to your local time, the Callback widget will be shown from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm after the break. Also, as you are closed at the weekends, the callback widget will be hidden from the visitors on these days.


Now, choose the project category to identify your business area.
This information will help us optimize your project's work much more and update you with the news according to your business area.

For example, you are setting up a project at Ringostat for your online clothes shop or a real estate agency. In this case, select "E-commerce: Clothes, shoes" or "Real estate: agency".

Pay attention: start choosing the category from "E-commerce: Laptops and PC". The previous ones are not active anymore.

What's next?

When you've set the main settings, follow the next step and configure the call forwarding schemes.

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