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How it works:

Stripe is a payment service that allows you to make payments with a Visa and MasterCard bank card and automate money transfers by debiting recurring payments.

Payment by subscription or auto-renewal is an automatic payment for a service. You won't need to refill the project each time manually. The system will automatically charge funds.

Attention! The subscription is activated automatically after topping up the project from a bank card.

If you need to unsubscribe, go to the "Funds" => "Payment methods".

You can connect several bank cards to the project. The money will be charged from the card with the highest priority (the higher the number — the higher the priority).

If it is not possible to charge funds from the first card, the system will try to charge them from the second one in the list.

When funds are debited from the card:

Seven days before the expected end of funds on the project balance, you will receive an e-mail alert that an automatic payment will be charged soon.

The notification will also indicate the amount that is planned to be charged. The system checks whether there is enough money on the project balance for products and calls forwarding for the next seven days.

Four days before the expected end of funds on your project, the amount will be charged from the linked bank card to prolong the Ringostat service. Then a notification will be sent to e-mail about the successful charging of funds, indicating the card from which the debiting was made. In case of unsuccessful payment, we will notify you by e-mail. Example of a recurring payment from the "Transactions history section".

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