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Prolong the project

  1. Open the section "Funds" => "Refill balance":

  2. Select the period you want to make payment for.

    When you pay for a longer period, you get a bonus:

    • 180 days - 10%;

    • 360 days - 20%;

    • 1080 days - 30%.

  3. Check connected products.

    Don't forget to enter the upfront payment amount for call forwarding.

  4. Add a promo code if you have one.

  5. Choose the payment options: PayPal or payment by Mastercard/Visa:

    5.1. If you selected the cards, enter your card details for payment and follow the instructions on the screen.

    5.2. If you selected Paypal — you should log in to your PayPal account and choose the card or account to pay with.

    If you don't have an account with Paypal — you can pay by credit card while creating one.

    For this, enter your data in the fields shown on the screen.

Important! If the amount of the cheque exceeds 1500 USD/EUR at the start of the project or the client's request to pay for the project, we offer only the option of payment from the company to our company by invoice.

Payment systems charge a large commission, so it is favourable for us to receive the money directly if it is a large amount. Payment by card or PayPal for the amount above 1500 USD/EUR is possible only in extreme case if the client has no company at all.

TopUp your balance without a period

  1. Open the section "Funds" => "Refill balance".

  2. Select "Refill the balance without period".

  3. Enter the required amount and proceed to payment.

The minimum amount is 10 USD.

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