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Callback or a callback form is a website widget that connects a customer with your company's sales rep in 30 seconds. The callback widget fully matches your site design and appears at the appropriate time, inviting the visitor to request a call.

Widget button view on the site:

What business tasks does the callback widget solve?

  • Increases the number of requests from the clients;

  • Increases customer loyalty;

  • Speeds up the processing of the request from the client;

  • It is an alternative communication channel for your customers.

The callback widget is an individual product. You pay for the Callback product and the number to which it is connected (if you purchased the number from us) and outgoing communication services.

The Ringostat Support department's manager performs the callback activation and configuration.

Callback logic

  1. The customer visits the site.

  2. They enter the phone number in the callback request form.

  3. The system automatically calls the company: first to one number, and if no one answers — to the second, third, and so on, until the company's agent answers the phone.

  4. When the agent answers the call, the system calls the client. And connects the client to the call with the agent.

The callback form for inputting a number appears in two cases:

  1. After clicking: the user presses the button of the web widget, and then the form is displayed with a proposal to request a call back to their number.

  2. Based on session length: by default, after 90 seconds of active interaction of the visitor with the site, the callback form is displayed automatically with a proposal to request a call back to their number.










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