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HubSpot. Activating the integration
HubSpot. Activating the integration
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Hubspot is one of the most popular CRM systems that allow you to automate the workflows of sales managers.

Integration options

  1. Possibility of automatic creation of contact and deal with an incoming call from a new client.

  2. Linking call sources to contact and deal for optimal processing of client's request by the agent.

  3. Transferring the Google Client ID of the visitor's call.

  4. Creating tasks for the responsible agent in case of a missed call on a new deal or an existing one in progress.

  5. Creating tasks for the responsible agent of the deal if a colleague answered it (for example, the responsible agent spoke on the phone). Allows you to fix the contact and check what the colleague said during the dialogue.

  6. Creating tasks for the responsible agent upon successful incoming and outgoing calls. Tasks are created immediately closed with conversation records attached to them, which helps to raise the history of the dialogue.

  7. Creating tasks for the responsible/senior agent if necessary.

The short flow of integration work:

  1. The visitor notices your online advertisement and goes to your website.

  2. There he sees a phone number in the usual place. But this is not your regular number — it's a special one that Ringostat automatically showed to the visitor.

  3. The visitor calls and the call log records detailed information about the call, including the advertising source and the caller's number.

  4. This data is transferred to CRM.

  5. The system creates a contact card, a deal and a task during or after a call.

  6. Depending on the stage of negotiations and integration settings, the deal is displayed in the general sales pipeline.

How to activate the integration

  1. Go to your Ringostat account and create the employees' profiles.

  2. Once you have finished, go to "Integration" => "Ready-to-use integration" and find there HubSpot.

  3. Select the language for your integration and task procession period. Then activate the integration.

  4. The system will open a new window with authorization. Once you enter your account — choose an account of the company for integration.

  5. And connect the application.

  6. After connection, the system will show you that the integration is successfully activated.

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