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Create the employee profile
Create the employee profile
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Depending on your needs, you can create a profile for one or more employees. And attach them to the departments as well.

The user with an "employee" level of access will be able to check the report with their calls only.

Creating a new department

  1. Go to the "General settings" => "Employees" menu and click the "Add the first department" button.

  2. Once you create the departments, click on the "Add new employee" link.

    And fill-up the form with the following details:

    • Email — employee email.

    • Full name — employee name.

    • Access level — employee access level.

    • Departments — if you have previously created a department, you can choose which employee to assign the department.

    • Extension number (starting with three digits, for example, 101) — the additional extension number for being in contact with your coworkers. You can forward the calls to your colleagues or call them. Once you dial the extension number — the system will call the main contacts.

    • Main contacts — the direction for making the calls while forwarding the call to the employee. Add a minimum of one direction in main contacts to save the employee's profile.

    • Other contacts — the different directions. They won't be called while forwarding the call to the employee but will be used for integration with the CRM system. If you set up one of such directions in the call forwarding scheme — the system will be able to recognize the employee who answered the call.

Types of contacts

You can add a variety of directions in the main and the other contacts.

Let's check them:

  1. SIP account — the SIP line for making or receiving the calls.

    1.1. The name of the SIP account always includes the project's name and begins with it. For example, for project the beginning of the SIP account name will be testsitecom_. You can add anything after testsitecom_.

    1.2. If you create your password: it must be at least 14 characters long, with at least one digit, symbol (except for '<' and'>'), and both lower-case and upper-case letters.

  2. Phone number — input the number in the international format. For example, for the UK, it should be +44XXXXXXXXXX.

  3. External SIP — the SIP line from the other PBX you want to receive the calls to. Set the login of the line. For example, if the line is [email protected] — put only G79333CN0001.

You also can move the directions from the main contacts to the other ones and vice versa.

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