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Pipedrive. Activating the integration
Pipedrive. Activating the integration
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Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRM systems. It is a sales management tool for complicated or long-term sales processes. Pipedrive offers a clean and simple user interface that lets users start adding information and managing deals almost immediately.

Integration possibilities

With the Pipedrive-Ringostat integration, you can configure creating contacts, deals and organisations automatically in the CRM system in one click.

The integration makes it possible to track, log and record important sales-related events. In addition, it sends data such as sources of traffic and customer keywords directly to Pipedrive.

Ringostat & Pipedrive integration allows you to:

  • Customise call analytics in the sales pipeline interface.

  • Automatically create deals and contacts during a phone call.

  • Plan your calling activities while you proceed with deals.

  • Control the performance of each sales agent

  • Assign responsible employees for deal processing.

  • Automatically attach call recordings to appropriate deals or contacts.

  • Leave a task for your agent for any missed call

  • Forward calls to the responsible managers.

Integration Activation

Log in to Ringostat's account with administrator access and select the necessary project (if you have several). Then go to the "Integration" => "Ready-to-use integrations" section and follow the next steps:

Step 1

Select Pipedrive from the list of integrations:

Step 2:

In the next window, set: integration language (1), task processing time (2) and then click "Activate integration" (3):

We would recommend that you choose the same language in the integration settings as you have installed in Pipedrive.

The entities will be created in the CRM system depending on this choice.

Step 3:

Establish access for Ringostat to your CRM account.

Click the "Activate integration" button — a Pipedrive window will appear.

You need to log in to the CRM system from your account with admin access:

You will be automatically redirected to the Pipedrive project selection page. Here you need to click "Allow and install":

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