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Pipedrive. Configure the integration
Pipedrive. Configure the integration
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Create and set up employees' profiles

Initially, you should create profiles of your employees in the Ringostat account and the CRM system.

According to these settings, the system will push all call data to the CRM system and create contacts, deals, organisations, and tasks.

Afterwards, you must attach your users in CRM with your employees in Ringostat.

Go to the "Integration" =>" Ready-to-use integrations =>" Agents setting". Connect the users in the CRM to the employees in the Ringostat according to their names.

Also, don't forget to choose the top manager of the integration:

The integration setup must be done under the admin user access of the Pipedrive account.

Sending additional information to Pipedrive

This integration section includes several tabs:

Default parameters

These parameters are sent to Pipedrive by default.

How also you should add those fields to your deals in Pipedrive:

go to the Deals (1) => Settings (2) =>click on all fields which start with "rs_" (3)

Parameters for deals, contacts, and organisations

You can configure sending different parameters from Ringostat to Pipedrive CRM in these two tabs.

The fields in the CRM are the custom fields that you can create in your Pipedrive account.

Go to any deal, and click on "Customise fields" => "+ Add a new field":

Note that the custom field type must be a "String" type.

You can't select two identical Pipedrive fields for sending two different parameters from Ringostat.

Here's an example of such a setting:

Sending deals to the selected pipelines

You can create deals in the selected pipeline of your CRM according to a specific rule.

How to do it:

  1. Go to the "Sending deals to selected pipelines" block. Open it and click on the "+Add rule".

2. Select the CRM pipeline and stage to which you want to send information.

3. Select the Ringostat parameter for your rule from the dropdown list. So the system will create deals in the chosen pipeline according to this parameter.

4. Enter the parameter value for the rule.

Done! So that you know- deals will be made in the selected pipelines and stages when the rules you have set are fulfilled.

For example, you want to send all calls from the project to the pipeline "New leads". Here's what you should configure:

  1. select the pipeline in the first field;

  2. set the rule "Project id" in the second;

  3. put project id in the field "Value".

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