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ZohoCRM. Activating integration
ZohoCRM. Activating integration
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ZohoCRM is a feature-rich system that provides insight into sales, marketing, and customer support. The service provides tools to manage the entire process of sales, marketing, customer and service support, combining these modules into a single business system.

Integration Activation

To use the integration, you need accounts in both services — Ringostat and ZohoCRM.

Before you start the setup, you'll need to define the employees with a ZohoCRM account, which will participate in processing incoming calls and be included in the integration.

At the beginning of the integration, creating employees in the Ringostat and the CRM is necessary. To make the profiles for your employees in Ringostat, follow the instructions in this article.

After creating the employees' profiles, you can start activating and setting up the integration.

  1. Go to your ZohoCRM account and log in with administrator rights.

  2. Next, go to the Ringostat personal account and activate the integration in the "Integration" => "Ready-to-use integrations" => "ZohoCRM".

  3. Set up the main settings for integration before activating.

    • Select the language for your integration.

    • In the "Task processing time (hours)" field, you can specify the deadline for the tasks of missed calls. So, after a missed call, Ringostat will create an open task with a period for the deadline.

      By default, the processing time is "4 hours".

  4. Then activate the integration.

    In the window, you will see such text. Click "Accept" to finish the activation of the integration.

Once you activate your integration — follow the next steps of configurations. ;)

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