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Pipedrive. Common problems and solutions
Pipedrive. Common problems and solutions
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System warning about integration connection problems

The warning looks like this:

In this case, you should:

  1. Disable integration.

2. Then activate integration again

An unknown employee accepts the call

A task is created in the CRM for the Top manager with the following text: "An unknown employee received a call from the number…".

In this case, you need to go to the "Employees" section and check whether the SIP account or the number, who accepted or made a call, is assigned to an employee profile. If not — attach the number or sip-account to an employee's profile.

If another integration creates entities

If another integration already creates Pipedrive entities, Ringostat can send information about calls and utm tags without creating entities. In this case, you should set the integration scenarios this way:

This scenario will add utm tags to the deals created by another integration.

But there is one primary condition: your integration must create an entity in the CRM system before the integration with Ringostat. I.e., in the moment of picking up the handset or during a call — otherwise, it will not be possible to update the data, and duplicates will be created.

Important notes:

  • If you are using the Essential tariff plan, we recommend using the standard settings of the integration scenarios. With complex parameters, part of the data may be lost.

    The Essential tariff plan in Pipedrive has a limit on the number of API requests: 20/min.

    Due to this, data loss may occur when using a complex integration scenario.

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