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Project access settings
Project access settings
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After setting up your project, you might need to share the statistics with your marketer or your other colleagues.

So, to keep your account safe, you can set access to your colleagues' emails in the project setting.

  1. Go to "General settings" — "Manage user permissions settings".

  2. Click on the "Add user" button and select the access level for it:

    There're two available levels:

    • Administrator — allows the user to see all the statistics and change the settings in the project.

    • Analyst — allows the user to check the statistics only.

    • The "Agent" type of access doesn't allow the users to see a summary of project statistics or change any settings. You can add them to the agents' profiles in the "General settings" => "Employees" menu.

  3. Please enter the email address you want to give access to and select the required level for it.

    After setting the access to the project, there will be a letter sent to the user's email. The letter will include the link the user should go to and set the password for their account.

    Pay attention: the link is active for 72 hours.

If the user hasn't set the password following the link in the first access letter, they can just reset it and set up the actual password for their account. If the user already has the account in Ringostat and has access to this or the other projects previously, they will receive the letter with a simple notification.

The letter will say that the user was granted access to the required project.

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