Ringostat API (application program interface) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. It is possible to use them for setting the integration of your project in Ringostat with your CRM or another system.

Using this method, you can send the requests to our server to get the required action or data.

You should set the request with the required parameters to configure the integration with your system via the API method.

The main details for the requests:

  1. Ringostat API address - https://api.ringostat.net/

  2. Access to Ringostat API you can get with a unique Auth-key.

Auth-key is an electronic key to access your project in Ringostat.

How to find Auth-key:

You may find it in the integration section: "Integration" => "Ringostat API".

  1. Import of statistics from Call log.

  2. The callback methods.

  3. The methods that check if the SIP account is reachable.

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