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It only takes a few minutes to register in the Ringostat system. Once registered, you will be able to configure your projects and analyze all the call tracking statistics via Ringostat.

You don't have a project yet, and this is your first registration

  1. Go to the Ringostat website and click "Try Now" or "Start now".

  2. Fill up the registration form:

    • name;

    • your email address;

    • your phone number;

    • the website address of your project.

    Before finishing the registration, read the offer and privacy policy, then click "Try now".

  3. After registration, go to your inbox and confirm the email that you've entered before.

    Complete your registration during 120 hours

  4. Then verify your phone number.

  5. Enter the code that you received on your phone number.

  6. The last step is to create a password.

Registration completed!

You already have a project in your account

  1. Click "New project" on the main page with all your projects in your account.

  2. Fill in the following fields:

    • your site address;

    • select an area of activity;

    • your Google Analytics account ID.

Then click "Create".

Registration completed successfully!

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