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5. Connect the phone numbers to the project
5. Connect the phone numbers to the project
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Once you connect the phone numbers to the project, you can use this pool of numbers to track the sources and channels your callers came from.

These numbers will participate in the session-based Call tracking or tracking of the calls from your static channels. So, in this step, you should add the numbers you want to use for tracking the ad channels which bring the callers to you.

Please note: you can connect to the project only SIP, aka VIOP numbers.

What are SIP numbers?

A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) number is the one you can use for IP telephony. IP telephony is the system that uses VoIP technology. It transforms voice into data packets and sends them over the Internet to other devices.

So you can connect to the Internet and make and receive the calls to your SIP number.

Case 1: If you want to rent the SIP numbers at Ringostat

In this case, you can order them from us.

  1. Go to "VirtualPBX" => "Connect phone numbers" menu

  2. Click on "I don't have any SIP numbers"

  3. Fill out the form with the required information.

    And our support team will help you to connect them to your project.

Case 2: You already have the SIP numbers and want to add them to your project

  1. To connect your SIP numbers to Ringostat, go to "VirtualPBX" => "Gateway" settings and create the gateway for your numbers.

  2. To add a new gateway, enter the following information:

    • Name of the gateway — according to the provider;

    • Host — is a host of the gateway for connecting;

    • Port — a port of the gateway for connecting;

    • Protocol — a type of protocol (sip).

  3. Then check the following boxes:

    • Active (if it's activated);

    • Number registration is required (if the SIP number is registered at the provider's server);

    • Numbers at this gateway are involved in insertion (if connected to this gateway number participates in insertion).

  4. Once you have created the gateway, go to "VirtualPBX" => "Connecting phone numbers" and add a phone number filling the required fields with such details as:

    • SIP-login — a login of the SIP number for authentication.

    • SIP-password — a password of the SIP number for authentication (in case of the number registration is required).

    • SIP-gateway — a gateway (domain) of the SIP number for authentication (optional, depends on your provider)

    You can get all this data from your provider.

  5. Then attach the call forwarding scheme to each number to set the call routing configurations and save it.

  6. Once you have added the number, you should make a test call to verify it and check if it was correctly registered in your project. Then reload the page with the list of the connected numbers. If your test call was successful and the number is connected correctly — the red background behind the number will disappear.

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