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Connecting the DIDWW numbers
Connecting the DIDWW numbers
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DIDWW — is a global provider of the VOIP telephone connection. They also provide the DID and Toll-free numbers for many countries.

Once you order the numbers, to transfer the calls for them into your project, set the required configurations in a few steps.

Step 1: Set up the Trunk

  1. Go to the "Trunks" settings and create a new one.

  2. Select the "SIP trunk" type from the list.

  3. Set up general settings:

    • Friendly name — put a name for your trunk;

    • Username — leave a default one;

    • Preferred server — leave a local one;

    • Capacity limit — leave unlimited one;

    • CLI format — set format E164;

    • Host — enter the Ringostat server;

    • Transport — leave UDP;

    • Port — leave 5060;

    • Network protocol — select IPv4 only.

  4. Skip the "Trunk Group Configurations" and "Authentication" settings.

  5. In "Media & DTMF" settings check recommended codecs:

    • PCMU;

    • PCMA;

    • G729;

    • G723.

    And turn on tumblers for:

    • RTP Ping;

    • Force symmetric RTP;

    • Symmetric RTP Ignore RTCP.

    The other settings should be left without changes.

  6. Skip "Encryption", "Advanced Signalling Settings", and "STIR/SHAKEN" settings.

  7. Submit all changes.

Step 2: Setting the SIP-Trunk for the numbers

  1. If you have ordered the DID numbers already — go to your DID numbers list. Otherwise, first, order the numbers you need.

  2. And find the field "Trunks" on the page.

  3. Select the SIP trunk you've created before.

    So it'll be attached to the number.

Step 3: Setting the numbers up to the project

After the activation and all configuration, just add them to the project.

  1. For this, go to the "Virtual PBX" => "Connect phone numbers" menu and click on the "Add a phone number" button.

  2. After that, fill up the following fields:

    • Sip login — enter the phone number without the spaces and other symbols;

    • Sip password field leave empty;

    • Sip gateway — select one from the list, which is DIDWW;

    • International number format — enter the phone number like for the first field;

    • Set the call forwarding scheme if you've created any before.

  3. After this, save all the settings and verify the number by making a call to it.

After the call, check it in the Call log.

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