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What information will you get with Ringostat artificial intelligence?

  1. Ringostat AI works with audio recordings of conversations made by our platform.

  2. You receive a detailed analysis of each call. Everything described below is shown on one page dedicated to a specific conversation.

  3. There is also a report on all conversations, which shows summary information. This way you can instantly see which calls to pay attention to.

How it works?

1. The virtual PBX records the conversation.

2. The AI transcribes the recording into text and analyzes it.

3. Based on the content of the conversation, it draws conclusions about the overall sentiment of the conversation, as well as the individual sentiments of the client and the agent.

4. It records the sentiment for each conversation in the phone reports. Thanks to this, the manager or supervisor can immediately see dialogues where something went wrong. Just set up a filter that will show only conversations where the client is disappointed.

ИИ, поиск диалога по слову

To use a quick filter, click on the three lines icon in the desired column of the Ringostat report

Conversation Transcript

Ringostat AI can provide a dialogue in any language and get a transcript of each phrase in English (by default). First, this language is the primary language for artificial intelligence, and it has the maximum amount of information in it. Second, it is the language of international communication, particularly in business. Therefore, such a translation will definitely be useful.

In the screenshot below, we see:

  • audio player, where you can set the volume and playback speed;

  • as each line is played, its English translation is shown at the top;

  • if you click on a specific cue, the audio will immediately skip to the desired moment.

What's the plus

  1. You don't need to listen to the dialogue to understand what was being said. In addition, many people perceive information better visually than aurally.

  2. Through translation and transcription, you can easily understand a conversation in any language. For example, we have sales people working in the markets of Poland and Bulgaria. Thanks to Ringostat AI, a manager can control them even without speaking Bulgarian or Polish.

  3. You can go to the desired part of the conversation with one click. Let's say you were confused by some remark, and you need to listen to the intonation with which the manager said it. Just click on the corresponding text and the audio will start playing from the right place.

  4. Save time — because the manager can immediately notice problematic dialogues and focus on them. Artificial intelligence analyzes various factors related to the conversation and concludes whether verification is necessary. We'll talk about which ones below.

  5. Understanding how poorly or well processed a lead is. Based on a combination of factors, the AI ​​gives the dialogue a score from 1 to 10. Where one means that the dialogue does not require attention, and ten means that the situation is as critical as possible.

Key points of the dialogue

If you upload specific text to ChatGPT, the AI ​​can compile a list of the most important points at your request. Ringostat AI works on a similar principle. He analyzes the entire dialogue and points out the main points that were discussed.

Tips with next steps

An experienced manager usually knows what to do after communicating with a client. But beginners may have problems with this. Or the manager may get overwhelmed and not immediately remember what needs to be done.

Ringostat AI will immediately give useful advice on what is best to do next — based on what was discussed during the conversation.

General mood of the conversation

It is very important that the client hangs up satisfied. Otherwise, you may not only lose a buyer, but also receive a negative review.

With Ringostat AI, you don't have to listen or read the entire dialogue to do this. Just look at the “Sentiment” block, which is responsible for the general mood of the conversation and each of its participants. Also below, you can see the output of whether the manager was able to solve the client’s problem.

Keywords + call details

The user can also see the keywords of the conversation. That is, what was emphasized during communication with the client. This way, you can understand which products were most interesting to a potential buyer. Keywords are displayed in descending order — from those that were used most often to the rarest.


  1. Subscription fee — 0.

  2. The cost of 1 minute of an analyzed call is 0.03 USD (3 cents), which is about 1 hryvnia. The cost is the same for all states and regions.

  3. Transcription in the original language and available “selection of analysis language” — 0.05 USD per minute, not in English. English 0.03 USD.

By default, calls are analyzed whose conversation duration is 30 seconds (can be changed in the settings).

You can analyze not all calls, but set any filters in combination (for example: department, call duration, etc.) that are in the call parameters.


To enable the function, go to the Ringostat account in the “General settings” — “AI analytics” section:

After enabling the setting, the analysis result can be seen in the call log 2.0. The result will only be available for calls received/placed after the setting is enabled.

Also, here in the Call Log you can select the already configured “Ringostat AI” view and filter and export in csc/xls formats all calls that have an analysis:

This report will display the following parameters:

In the language analytics settings section with AI, you can also change the call transcription language (converting audio to text. You can configure the display in the original language (cost 5 cents per minute), or in English (3 cents per minute).

You can also select the language of the call analysis – in which the text of the analysis will be displayed in the “Call Analysis” tab

And you can ask Minimum call duration for analysis in seconds from 30 minimum, maximum from 300

If necessary, you can use separate filters to separate the types of calls to which AI will be applied. For example, only incoming/outgoing calls to individual numbers, etc. This can be done using webhooks.

Custom AI / Ringostat AI Supervisor

Description of services

Ringostat AI Supervisor (Assessment of service quality using artificial intelligence) is a service from Ringostat that solves the problem of total (100%) quality control for Sales and Customer Service teams and call centers and significantly reduces the cost of quality control. Ringostat AI analyzes all telephone conversations (almost regardless of language, support for 50+ languages, including Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, etc.) and makes a human-like analysis of each conversation.

Key benefits of using AI

  1. Start controlling absolutely all communications with your clients by phone and improve the quality of communication with clients and increase sales.

  2. Reduce the cost of quality control by 3-7 times (depending on your call volume) if you already systematically control quality and invest in this area.

  3. Remove the language barrier for managers, supervisors and quality control specialists - now they can understand 100+ languages ​​thanks to AI.

How it works

  1. We automatically process (almost in real time) call recordings. That is, as soon as the call ends, after 5-10 minutes there is already an analysis result.

    1. You can do this not for all calls, but set any filters in combination (for example: department, call duration, etc.) available in the call parameters.

  2. The processing process is how it happens technically.

    1. Transcription of the call. That is, speech-to-text technology. We translate voice into text (50 languages).

    2. The text of the conversation is sent for artificial intelligence analysis according to the given technical specifications.

    3. We will receive an analysis of the call from artificial intelligence according to our task and a language convenient for us.

  3. What the result looks like |

For each analyzed call, there is an analysis card.

  1. Possibility to listen to the conversation with subtitles (may not be necessary for the language or English).

  2. Detailed transcription. By clicking on any time code, you can listen to the recording of the conversation at that exact moment.

  3. Conversation analysis from artificial intelligence using a given vehicle, which we can customize to suit the needs of each client.

This option is relevant to connect if the approximate volume of conversations (input and output together) is from 10,000 minutes per month, and you have 15–20 managers who communicate with clients.

The cost of the service will be individual, depending on the technical specifications and complexity. Implementation from 250 USD/EUR. Next, a subscription fee for use is per minute, but not less than 500 USD/EUR per month (from 0.02 USD/min).

Write to chat on our website, for the implementation of services and specialists will provide information.

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