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PortSIP for Android
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PortSIP is a free software application that allows you to make calls on the Internet in any direction. To ensure the quality of this service, you only need a high-speed Internet connection.

Following the instructions, you must create a SIP account in your Ringostat personal account before starting the program setup.

Setting up the PortSIP program:

1. Download the application to your smartphone from the official Google Play resource

2. After installing the application, open it and grant permission to access the device. Click "SETTING"

3. Allow the app to take pictures and record videos.

4. Allow the app to "Record audio."

5. Enter your account details and SIP server, then press "Sign In":

SIP Login: SIP account login;

Password: SIP account password;

SIP Server:

If you received SIP account details from technical support, copy them from the correspondence or create a new password in your account:

6. The setup is complete, and the SIP account is ready to receive and make calls. Here is what the app window looks like when it’s ready for making calls:

Setting up the STUN server

If your conversation partner cannot hear you or vice versa, meaning there is a one-way audio issue, we recommend configuring the STUN server.

1. To begin, log out of your account. To do this, go to "Settings":

2. Choose "Account":

3. Press "Sign Out":

4. To enter our Ringostat STUN server, click "Advanced":

5. Check the "Enable STUN" checkbox and fill in the two fields:


Port: 3479

Then, proceed to data entry by pressing "Back":

Changing the data transmission protocol

We also recommend changing the data transmission protocol if you are experiencing one-way audio issues or cannot register your account for calls.

1. Click "Advanced"

2. Choose the TCP protocol and press "Back" to save.

Call transfer in the PortSIP

1. To transfer a call during the conversation, switch to the second tab:

2. Click “Forward”:

3. Choose “Forward”:

4. After that, you can transfer the call to one of the numbers in your "Contact Book" by pressing it. To do this, go to "Local" and choose the desired number from the "Contact Book”:

5. Alternatively, transfer the call to a phone number. To do this, go to the dialling screen:

6. Enter the desired number and press the "Transfer" button:

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