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Setting up Click-To-Call feature
Setting up Click-To-Call feature
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The click-to-call feature helps to convert any phone numbers on the websites to links automatically. Those phone numbers are highlighted in green, and once you click on them, a call through our app will be initiated.

Step 1

Download and install Ringostat Click-to-Call Browser Extension using the following link:

Step 2. Set up Ringostat click-to-call function in the browser

2.1 Once the extension is downloaded, it should appear in your browser's list of extensions:

To change the settings, go to "Options" menu:

Open "Global Settings" section and select:

  1. Interface language

2.1. Default phone numbers

Here, you should select the country, phone numbers of which will be called via the app (i.e. country of your clients). This function will help to convert local phone numbers to international format.

For example, if you call Ukrainian clients, the local numbers you dial will be in the format 097..., 099..., etc. The Ringostat Smartphone will automatically convert the number to the full format (+38097…) once you select the needed country.

So if you select Ukraine here, the system will add the 380 prefix to the number automatically.

“Allowlist or Blocklist” section

If you choose allowlist and add specific websites there, click-to-call function will work only on the listed sites.

If you choose blocklist and add specific websites there, click-to-call function will work on all sites, except for the listed ones.

2.2 To enable click-to-call for the websites, you need to make sure that pop-ups are allowed on that particular website in the settings of your browser.

Go to Google Chrome Settings — Privacy and Security:


Select "Site Settings":

Find the website you need and allow notifications on it.

Step 3. Set up Ringostat click-to-call on your PC

Settings for Windows

In the Start menu, go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps.

Go to Related Settings - Choose defaults by link type:

Enter "TEL" and find the protocol in the list. Click on Choose a default.

Select Ringostat Smart Phone from the list and click on Set default.

Settings for MacOS

  1. Open the FaceTime application (standard application for macOS).

  2. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, select FaceTime -> Preferences.

3. Go to Default for calls, and select Ringostat Smart phone.

Done:) Click-to-call is activated.

After completing the setup, open the page in your web browser and click on any phone number.

A pop-up window will appear asking you if you allow to use our application for click-to-call. To make sure click-to-call function works automatically next time, tick the box “Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app”.

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