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Integration with GombaShop
Integration with GombaShop
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GombaShop is a trading platform with sites and an online store builder.

Ringostat & Gombashop will let you:

  • Immediate implantation of call tracking and use of all the features of our service without adding additional scripts and editing the site.

  • Numbers insertion activation on all pages of the site.

  • Functioning of the callback widget on desktop site version.

Installing Google Analytics

If you don't have the Google Analytics counter installed, you need to install it.

If you already have a Google Analytics counter installed, skip these steps.

  1. Go to the section "Настройки" => "Основни".

  2. And fill in the field "Код /Tracking ID/ за Google Analytics" with your analytics counter details.

  3. Save your settings.

Attention! The Google Analytics resource ID in the GombaShop account must match the one specified in the Ringostat personal account.

Installing the widget (addition) Ringostat

  1. Go to your account in

  2. Open the "Допълнения" section.

  3. Find the Ringostat Callback widget.

  4. Click on the widget and install it.

  5. Then go to your account in Ringostat.

  6. Select the section "Integration" => "Ready-to-use integrations".

  7. Find integration with GombaShop (you can use search) and click "Activate".

  8. Copy the integration token.

  9. Go back to your account and enter the copied token. Then click "Запис".

The integration is successfully activated. ;)

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