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The call card is a separate page with the entire history of incoming and outgoing calls from a specific customer number. Each customer is identified by an exact match of the phone number.

You can get to the call card through the "Call Center" => "Call log". Then click on the date of the call you need:

The initial view of the card displays extended information about the call.

The call card consists of the following sections:

  • Audio — audio recording of a call with the player functions.

  • Call details – such as date, type, call status, call duration, waiting time, total call duration, caller number, destination number and the number of the agent who answered the call.

  • Comments and categories — this block allow you to add comments, categories and rating to the call.

  • Visit — data about the source a caller came from.

  • Client — client details such as a client's phone number, IP address, landing page, and link to calling card.

  • Statistics — summary of data by the number of days since the first and last visit to the site; the total number of customer calls; the total number of user sessions; the number of calls and pages viewed during the previous 30 days.

  • Last visit — data about the source of the previous visit, visitor's device, operating system and geolocation of the client.

  • Top 5 pages in the last 30 days — a list of pages visited by the customer with the total time spent interacting with them.

  • User sessions history — information about each user session on the site: date, visited page, geolocation, source of the visit and data about the customer's calls during each visit.

You can see call detail only when using session-based call tracking. The details session-based call tracking provides a call source, statistics, and detailed information about user sessions.

Additional information about the call

In the call card in the "Comments and categories" section, you can add:

  • call category;

  • call comment;

  • a rate for a manager;

  • a rate for a call.

An example of a successfully added comment and call analysis by a TOP manager or a supervisor:

Audio in call reports

To improve the quality of service, you can set up an audio recording for the calls in the project's settings. This setting is enabled by default in the "General settings" => "Project settings" menu.

The call log report provides access to audio recordings of conversations.

To listen to the recording, you need to click on "Play" an audio player will appear in the window, in which you can do the following:

  • Control the audio recording – play, pause, stop and change the playback speed (1).

  • Control audio volume (2).

  • Download audio recording (3).

  • Delete that audio recording (4)

  • Copy the link to the call — access to the audio via the link will be available to anyone without logging into the Ringostat personal account (5).

Audio file format — ".ogg".

We guarantee the retention and availability of audio recordings of calls for a year for active projects. Recordings of conversations older than a year can be accessed upon request.

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