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Definition of call tracking and its types
Definition of call tracking and its types
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Call Tracking is a technology that solves the problem of inefficient sales of the advertising budget and gives 100% insight into which ads really work.

Using the Call Tracking service will help you:

  1. Automatically determine the source of the advertisement from which the call came to your company.

  2. Determine the keywords a caller used in the search before visiting your site and making a call.

  3. Associate incoming calls with specific site users.

  4. Track multi-channel sequences.

  5. Create a detailed map of client behaviour: viewed site pages, IP address, browser, gadget, region and other parameters.

  6. Monitor and improve the manager's efficiency.

  7. Record detailed call details:

  • call result — accepted, missed;

  • from which and to which number they called;

  • conversation duration.

Depending on the tasks and the "depth" of the required analytics, there are three main methods of Call Tracking:

  • static (tracking by source);

  • dynamic (tracking by user session);

  • combined (fusion of both ways).

Static Method of Call Tracking

It is a tracking method in which you assign a number to a specific source, such as newspaper adverts, billboards, banners, flyers, etc.

This method is ideal for tracking offline advertising sources due to its simplicity, though it provides less detailed data.

Dynamic call tracking

It is a tracking method where the system allocates a unique phone number to each one-time visitor to a website, irrespective of the source.

This method is ideal for tracking online advertising sources, and as a result, you get complete information about the customers calling you:

  • behavioural factors (which pages were viewed on the site, etc.);

  • associated conversions (is this the first visit? If not, from which source was the first);

  • geolocation, browser, OS, gadget, IP;

  • in contextual advertising, you know which search query the subscriber entered in the search before clicking on your ad.

Combined call tracking

It is a simultaneous use of both static and dynamic call tracking. For instance, track contextual advertising, SEO, and referrals by user session while tracking newspaper, billboard, flyer, and email advertising with numbers linked to specific sources.

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