Creating a traffic channel
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First we need to determine which user sources we want to track. After that, let's set up tracking in the "Traffic Channels" section.

Each click to the site has a source and a channel.

The source (utm_source) can be:

  • yandex, google (search engines)

  • (address of a specific website)

  • direct (visiting a site by entering the URL in the address bar or navigating from browser bookmarks)

  • .* (any tracking source)

A channel (utm_medium) can be:

  • organic (organic, free search)

  • cpc (contextual advertising)

  • referral (any other site that has a link to yours)

  • .* (any tracking channel)

Utm_term, utm_content and utm_campaign - if necessary, you can specify tracking settings at the level of advertising campaigns, keywords and tags. But we usually indicate tracking of all calls at these levels - .*

Most of our clients track all sources of referrals to the site, an example of this setting is below:

Example of settings for tracking conversions from contextual advertising:

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