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Checking numbers insertion on the website
Checking numbers insertion on the website
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There can be several reasons for checking numbers insertion on the website.

Typically, this includes checking after the initial project setup, its reconfiguration, making changes to the website, or suspicion of incorrect service operation.

Before checking the number insertion and displaying the Callback widget, make sure the following conditions are met:

  • The website has the insertion script installed and numbers are tagged.

  • Proper configuration has been done, and the current project status is "Active" or "Trial".

  • Temporary browser files/Cookie files have been cleared.

  • A transition to the website has been made from a tracked source/traffic channel.

  • A phone number is assigned for the Callback.

You can perform the check of number insertion on the website and displaying the Callback button in several ways.

Visual check

The easiest way is a visual check of number substitution. To do this, you need to know which of the numbers is assigned on the website and after the transition, check which of the numbers is displayed.

We recommend checking through the browser's anonymous mode . Otherwise, it will be necessary to delete temporary browser files and cookie files before each new visit to the site .

Checking the presence of insertion record in Cookie files

Website data and transitions to the site are stored in cookie files. The script sends a record about the number that should be shown to the visitor, the source of their transition, and information in the Callback widget.

You can check if similar data is in Cookie files as on the website as follows:

You can check whether the data in the cookie files are similar to the data on the site as follows:

1. Consider the Chrome browser as an example

1.1. To call the console, on the site page, press F12 (also through the key combination "CTRL + SHIFT + J" ).

1.2. Choose "Resources" - "Cookies" - the domain of your site .

1.3. The cookies of the current page will be available to you, among which you need to find 3 entries:

  • rngst1 – this record specifies the phone number used for insertion;

  • rngst2 – this record indicates transition labels, as well as the applied call tracking method;

  • utm_source – transition source;

  • utm_medium – transition channel;

  • utm_campaign – the name of the advertising campaign;

  • utm_content – ​​defines different versions of advertising (for example, two different links in one advertising letter);

  • utm_term – keyword;

  • session level: 0 – the classic call tracking method is used;

  • session level: 1 – the dynamic call tracking method is used;

  • rngst_callback – this record contains information about the Callback widget: the number for the callback, the time after which the callback form will be automatically displayed, the Client ID of the visitor and other useful data.

Links to instructions for other browsers:

Forced start of numbers insertion depending on the source/channel

The number insertion script determines the source. These can be automatic tags from contextual advertising, utm-tags, openstat.

In order to force the insertion of the number or to check the fact of its execution, as well as/or correctness depending on the source, you can add utm tags to the site address.

Example of a link for forced start of number insertion:

An example of utm labels depending on the source/channel:

Source/ Channel

Utm labels

Google search results


Google Adwords


SMM traffic


Referral transition from one of the social networks


To collect the correct statistics, it is necessary to change the numbers in all places and pages of the site. Usually, numbers are placed in the following places:

  • page header and footer;

  • product page;

  • contact page;

  • feedback page;

  • shopping cart page;

If the above recommendations did not help, or you still have questions — contact the chat, and we will definitely help you!

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