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With dynamic call tracking, each unique visitor from a tracked channel gets their own number from the pool. This means that the amount of numbers should be no less than the amount of users who are simultaneously on the website.

If traffic grows, the numbers in the call tracking pool might not be enough. This could lead to multiple visitors seeing the same number, affecting your site's visit analytics.

To prevent this, our service keeps an eye on your site's statistics and alerts you if you're running low on numbers. :)

What needs to be done in case of the lack of numbers?

First, it is necessary to understand how many numbers the system recommends adding.

The “Numbers in pool” column shows how many unique numbers are already connected for call tracking on your site. In the “Numbers recommended” column, you'll see the total needed numbers to track calls accurately based on current site traffic. So, to find out how many more numbers you need, just subtract “Numbers in Pool” from “Recommended Numbers”.

That is, calculating the number of additional numbers needed is quite easy = “Numbers recommended”“Numbers in pool”

The level of number shortage is marked by color:

  • Grey — means, that there is not enough data yet to determine the recommended number.

  • Green – there are enough numbers in the pool. No additional actions are needed

  • Blue – there are more than enough numbers in pool. If you are not about to run new advertising campaigns in the near future, you can remove some numbers from the pool and use them for other purposes.

  • Yellow – there are not enough numbers for insertion. We advise you to connect extra numbers if your traffic is growing

  • Red – the periods of number lack are often noticed. You should immediately connect the extra numbers for correct statistics

Now that we know how many numbers we need, let's find out where to get them.

  1. Just reach out to our support team, and we'll help you get the right amount of numbers.

  2. If you've used your own numbers before, you can also use them with your project. If you have any questions or need help, just ask our support team. ;)

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