Webhooks. Actions with errors
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If Ringostat server receives an unsuccessful status code (4XX-5XX) after sending the webhook, it will be resent 3 more times.

If all submission attempts were unsuccessful, this will be reflected in Webhooks 2.0 - Verify actions with errors section.

Here you will see the list of the actions that were not completed due to errors. Each action can be shown in full or in short.

Each action can be Checked or Sent

Checked means that the action with error will be deleted from the list.

Send means that the webhook with error will be sent again.

Adding Ringostat IP addresses as an exception

All webhook requests are sent from a specific Ringostat server. In case of using a firewall or a list of allowed connections on your server, you should add the IP address of Ringostat server to the exclusion list. You can find out the address of our server by contacting us in chat.

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