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Call Conversion Reports in Google Ads
Call Conversion Reports in Google Ads
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As is well known, among other tools, Google Ads offers us a convenient report editor. Let's figure out how it can be used to import and analyze data from call tracking.

What is needed for this?

  1. An active Google Ads account.

  2. A link between Google Ads and Google Analytics 4.

  3. Configured goals in Google Analytics 4 for transmitting call events (how to do this is written here).

  4. Import calls from Google Analytics 4 into the Google Ads account.

Next, it's simple: in the Google Ads account, go to the menu "Campaigns" -> "Insights" -> "Report editor".

You will be automatically directed to the window for creating reports. This is where previously configured reports are saved, for example:

Select the category "Goals and conversions" -> "Goals".

We see a list of all conversions in your account. Here, we also select the appearance of the report:

To see calls specifically, it is necessary to select the "Filter" button in the column where the appearance is selected:

Select all call-related conversions in the filters:

Now you can customize the report according to your needs and tasks.

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