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In the log, a quick call search is available for using a filter based on the selected parameters. For example, in the "All Calls" filter, a quick filter is available for:

  • waiting time (indicate the time in minutes and seconds);

  • by the client (the client's phone number);

  • the employee (phone number or name of the employee);

  • the duration of the conversation (indicate the time in minutes and seconds);

  • by call type (inbound, outgoing, call via callback widget);

  • by status (answered, proper, missed, no answer, busy, voicemail and others);

  • the name of the pool with numbers in your project;

  • source;

  • channel;

  • campaign;

  • keyword.

Here's how you can use these fast filters:

1. Click on the filter icon next to the parameter:

2. Next, you must select the filtering operator in the drop-down window.

These operators can vary depending on the parameters. For example, you can select not only equal to/not equal to, but also greater than/less than, less than or equal to/greater than or equal to for waiting and conversation duration.

3. Enter the value for the filter and click "OK".

For example, when using a quick filter by employee "Oleksiy", the report will look like this:

You can also search by the customer's phone number. In this case, both incoming and outgoing calls will be displayed:

If necessary, you can use several quick filters at the same time.

For example, if you want to sample incoming calls to voicemail that last less than 10 seconds:

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