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This article lists common problems and their solutions. We recommend you check it out :)

  1. To get the best connection quality in Phonerlite, we recommend using the following codec: g.711a (alaw), g.711u and g.711u (ulaw).

  2. To quickly change the microphone or audio input device, right-click on the microphone or speaker so you can select the device.

  3. The softphone allows you to start recording the conversation with your interlocutor at the moment of the conversation. To do this, during a conversation in an active session, right-click and turn on the recording.

    You can listen to the recording by opening the call history:

  4. If you don't need a second (parallel) incoming call during an active phone call, you can disable this in the section ActionCall Waiting.

  5. If you have problems with one-way hearing, register the stun server in the Configuration STUN Server section and Save.

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