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The blacklist tool allows you to block the calls from the required phone number.

This function may be somewhat helpful for you in case you get annoying calls from spammers or sales agencies.

After blocking the phone number, the inbound and Callback calls from this number won't disturb your agents.

Here’re the examples of non-proper calls you might want to get rid of:

  1. You have noticed a lot of calls from the same phone number. And in the recording, you can hear that the caller is not interested in your service and disturbs your agents.

  2. The calls also might be from a few phone numbers. But the callers are just calling your company with some promo.

So it’s easy to define the phone numbers in the Call log.

Once you have copied it, go to the Virtual PBX - Blacklist menu. Click on ‘Add number’ so the calls for this will be blocked for your project.

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