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Notifications and alerts
Notifications and alerts
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Once you set up your project, you surely would like not to miss any activity.

Configure the following alerts to control your project's missed calls and balance.

Go to the "General settings" => "Alerts" menu and add your phone number or the email you want to receive the notifications to.

System alerts

They are the main alerts about your project and its balance status. These notifications are sent to the email you registered the project with automatically. They notify you about:

  • the balance, when it may approach 'zero'* and the system recommends you fund it to avoid losing the calls;

  • your project status and the date of expiration.

Set it up for your phone number:

Set it up for your email:

Additional alerts

They are the alerts for monitoring the missed calls in your project. Here you can set the alerts for:

  • the call when the call forwarding scheme didn't work;

  • the missed call;

  • the failed call;

  • the call with the status "busy";

  • The call transferred to the voicemail.

Set it up for your phone number:

Set it up for your email:

* when your project balance reaches "zero", the numbers insertion will automatically turn off, so you won't lose the calls from your new clients because of the lack of money. Once you fund the balance, the insertion of the number will be activated again.

Summary report

It's the report on the number of calls, the effectiveness of managers, and sources you can receive weekly when convenient for you.

You can select the day and the time you want to receive the report at.

The report can be sent only to your email.

Reports delivery

Also, you can set up the delivery of the reports to your email. So, for example, you can get the information on the missed calls every day of the week for analysis.

You can receive it with different frequencies:

  • daily;

  • weekly;

  • monthly.

And you can choose the time you want to receive the reports at.

Go to "Call center" => "Call log" menu and choose the report you want to have a regular delivery for.

The delivery of reports is available only for the users who have the old version of the Call log. Soon it will appear in the new version as well.

After setting the delivery, you will see the list of the emails you made the configurations for.

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