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The marketing report is an informative section that provides a convenient analysis of various parameters in a unified format.

The marketing report helps you monitor lead dynamics, evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns to attract potential clients and analyse the efficiency of advertising strategies.

It also allows setting a lead generation plan to further analyse the marketing department's efforts' results and effectiveness.

Let's take a look at the report options and blocks.

Leads Dynamics

In the marketing report, the term "lead" refers to a user session during which a Proper call occurred, a dialogue started in Ringostat Messenger (if messengers are configured), or an online form was submitted from the website (if form capture is configured).

In this block, you can observe the dynamics of the flow of leads for the selected period.

For example, if you choose the current week, the graph will display the trend of your leads compared to the previous period (compared for the same duration of time preceding it) - for the last week:

You can also display this report as a percentage:

Plan fulfillment

In this block, you can set a plan for achieving lead quantity and see how well this plan is being fulfilled. To do this, you need to configure and set the plan.

Setting it up is very simple; just click on the gear icon in the top right corner:

Specify the forecasted plan for each month, then save the changes:

After refreshing the page, a graphical representation of your plan, actual data, and plan exceeding will appear.

Therefore, the indicators will change depending on the selected period, reflecting the current data.

For example, if you choose a period from January to February, the Plan column in the graph will show the summarized data for the selected period. The Fulfilled column will display the number of leads generated during January and February and whether the plan was exceeded.

The graph can be analysed in percentages, indicating the ratio of the number of leads to the planned number of leads.

Distribution of leads by advertising channels

This report analyses which advertising channels generate leads for your business, allowing you to allocate your advertising budget more effectively.

Based on your project's statistics, the report will automatically create the top 5 groups with advertising channels.

All other groups are marked as "Other":

To view the source and channel details of the automatically created group, you can click on the gear icon:

And see which sources and channels make up the groups:

In this section, you can delete an unnecessary group, edit existing groups, or create a new one:

Lead Distribution by Ads Channels

This block displays the distribution of leads for the selected period. You can compare the dynamics to the previous corresponding period.

Using filters, you can separately analyse a specific campaign/channel. To do this, select the group of sources and channels, mark the campaigns you are interested in, and then click on "Display only selected":

And on the chart, you will see the filtered data that you can work with:

The report is also available in the table form:

Lead Conversions Table

In the last block, you can track which advertising channels bring you the most conversions.

This report is convenient because you can see immediately:

  • the number of leads where the first action during the period was a proper call

  • the number of leads where the first action during the period was opening a dialogue in Ringostat Messenger – a solution for messaging users of various messengers in the Ringostat Smart Phone interface

  • the number of leads where the first action during the period was filling out your feedback form on the website, provided if the Form Capture functionality is activated

In this report, you will also see:

  • the number of unique leads

  • total number of leads

  • website conversion from all visitors to unique leads

  • total number of visitors from a specific channel

Similarly to the Lead Distribution by Ads Channels block, you can filter (exclude/include) the channels you need in the Lead Conversion Table block.

The filter for the Lead Conversion Table block and the Lead Distribution by Ads Channels block is shared, meaning they are synchronized. Therefore, if you choose a filter in the Lead Distribution by Ads Channels block, the same filter will apply to the Lead Conversions Table.

All reports in each block are generated based on the period you select at the beginning of the report formation.

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