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Report on missed calls not returned
Report on missed calls not returned
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Missed calls are one of the main challenges faced by sales departments. Numerous tools and flexible settings are available to minimise the number of missed calls. But what about the calls that you could have missed?

If you already use the Ringostat virtual PBX, you'll need the "Report on missed calls not returned" to address this issue.

With this report, you can monitor missed calls from customers you still need to connect with.

This report will allow you to control the sales department more effectively and return potential clients.

You can find it in the "Call center" - "Report on missed calls not returned".

This report differs from the standard pre-installed missed calls report in that it only captures actual missed and not called-back calls.

Note: The report displays calls for the last month.

For example, a manager missed a client's call and saw the information in the report. They promptly called back the client's number from the missed call.

The report will automatically remove the missed call from this client after you refresh the page.

This way, you can track the number of unhandled calls without searching for outgoing calls to clients who haven't reached you.

Thus, the report will always display only relevant information about missed calls.

Missed calls are automatically removed from this report if the manager successfully reaches the client. For convenience, we recommend using comments on the call card to document attempts by managers to call back clients. You can learn more about working with call cards in this article.

If the client himself calls back after a missed call, the report will also automatically remove the missed call from this client after you refresh the page.

Here's what this report looks like:

The sales department head can use the "Attempts to contact client" and "Missed calls from client" fields to check how many times the manager tried to call the client back and how many calls were missed from a particular number, respectively.

If you need to manually delete a call from the report on missed calls not returned, you need to follow these steps:

1. Select at least one checkbox next to the call time, or select multiple calls similarly.

2. After activating the checkbox, the Verified button in the upper left corner of the report immediately activates; click on it.

3. A field will open where you should specify the reason for deleting the call from the report on missed calls not returned.

4. Enter the reason (mandatory field) and click the "OK" button.

5. The report will automatically remove the call and add your comment to the call card in the Call Log, specifying the name of the employee who left the comment.

Please note that when you manually delete a call from the report, you will also delete the information about all missed calls from the client's number.

Why the Report on missed calls not returned is helpful:

  1. You'll see how many clients didn't get through to you and how many calls need processing.

  2. You'll see only those missed calls that require your attention, helping to avoid confusion.

  3. You won't waste time figuring out if the manager has called back a customer who hasn't reached you.

  4. You can conclude how attentive managers are and how quickly they call customers back.

  5. Regularly reviewing this report will help you quickly recover clients before they turn to competitors.

  6. With a few clicks, a supervisor can see the consequences of managers' negligence, which disciplines the sales team.

  7. You can always understand how effective your sales team is — ideally, this report should be empty at the end of the day.

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