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Configure the goals for the calls from Ringostat
Setting up Google Analytics 4 goals — Proper calls
Setting up Google Analytics 4 goals — Proper calls
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Setting up the audience

Let's set up the audience. Go to the "Configure" => "Audiences" section.

And click "New audience".

Then click "Create a custom audience".

Enter a name for the new audience (“Proper_Calls“ — no spaces, just an underscore).

After that, set up the conditions:

1. Click "Events" and select Ringostat_calls.

2. To set the audience condition, we specify the parameter of our event "call_status".

3. Select "exactly matches (=)" for the condition and specify PROPER. Next, apply the settings.

4. Don't forget to specify "Audience Trigger" without spaces with the name Proper_Calls (trigger shouldn’t have spaces)

We recommend setting the same name for Trigger, Audience and Conversion (without using spaces, as you can’t use it for Audience) to avoid mistakes during configuration.

And save the audience.

In the Summary, you'll see the projected count by the user within that audience:

Google Analytics does not count users based on previously transmitted events. The conversion rate will include those events that will be recorded after the settings.

Setting up the conversion

Go to "Configure" => "Conversions". And click "New conversion event".

Give the Conversion name the same as the Audience trigger — "Proper_Calls" and save.

Conversion events are automatically enabled.

The data in Google Analytics 4 is displayed for the previous day. Therefore, you can check the conversion performance the next day.

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