Creating a GEO channel
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GEO channels are necessary to separate insertion based on the visitor’s geolocation or to display several number formats simultaneously.

GEO channels are combined into geo-groups, which are then linked to xPath. Pay attention: that only 1 geo-group can be linked to 1 xPath. And only 1 geo-channel can be linked to 1 pool of numbers.

You can add a GEO channel on the number insertion script settings page in the Call tracking -> Geo section.

The geo-channel consists of:

  • Channel name;

  • Group name or selection of a created group;

  • Selecting a country;

  • Region selection;

  • Select a city.

Setting up GEO channels for all regions is as follows:

In the same way, you can set up a insertion for a specific country or city.

For example, setting up a GEO channel only for visitors from the city of Kyiv will look like this:

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