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Configure the goals for the calls from Ringostat
Setting up Google Analytics 4 goals — Static calls
Setting up Google Analytics 4 goals — Static calls
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  1. Firstly, create "Custom Definitions" for the parameter the conversion is based on. Go to the "Configure" => "Custom Definitions" and click "Create custom dimensions".

    1.1. Enter a name such as "Replace_Type" (without space).

    1.2. The default scope is "Event". Do not change this value.

    1.3. In the description, enter "Replace_Type".

    1.4. Select an event parameter such as "replaceType".

  2. Let's set up the "Audience". Go to "Configure" => "Audiences" section. And click "new audience".

    2.1. Then click "Create a custom audience".

    2.2. Enter a name for the new audience (for example, "Static calls"). After that, set up the conditions:
    2.2.1. Click "Events" and select call.

    2.2.2. Add the "Replace_Type" parameter that you created earlier.

    2.2.3. For conditions, select "exactly matches (=)" and set the value: "static".

    2.2.4. Don't forget to specify "Audience Trigger" without spaces. For example, "Static_Calls".

    Save the audience.

  3. The last step is to set up conversion for this audience. Go to "Configure" => "Conversions". And click "New conversion event".

    Give the conversion name the same as the audience trigger — "Static_Calls" and save.

    Conversion events are automatically enabled.

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